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Anna Hrubaia

Anna Hrubaia

Hello! I am Anna, a psychotherapist. For 11 years of working in the medical sector, I have ensured that any help to a person's life and health must be provided promptly.

Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, I have been conducting training and lectures for the Ukrainian women who became forced migrants, and this new life experience seemed too difficult for them. Also, I help women adapt to new life circumstances, regain mental balance, and find inner support.

I am convinced that no matter what life situation a woman finds herself in, she always deserves attention and support!

I'm here for you! Come to the therapy! Together, we will find your personal life guidelines that will help you move forward!


Gidna+48 578 185 207,[email protected],Вул. Мечнікова 2, БЦ Парус, офіс 25,01023,Україна, Київ